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1995 40-hp died just after turned over

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  • 1995 40-hp died just after turned over

    Have 1995 40-hp. Took it out three days ago for first time this year. Turned the key and it started. Two seconds later it died. Turned the key several more times and all that happens is a very slight "tic" sound from the engine. Battery is relatively new and has been charged to 100 percent. Everything else in boat works fine off battery. Had to manually lift the motor to get boat back on trailer. Where do I start to look? Thank you.

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    Try boosting the battery, just cause itís relatively new doesnít mean itís good.


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      Put the charger back on; when it's in charging mode, it says 100 percent and 15.5 volts; when it's in testing mode only, it says 12.8 volts. Same deal -- a single click when I try to turn the motor over or power lift it. Any other possibility?


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        Corrosion in the engine battery cables is a possibility.


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          You don't mention if it's a 2 stroke or 4 stroke motor. Check to see if the starter is free to turn? As well as corrosion in the wires? Also check to see if the flywheel turns freely, all the way around.

          Good luck, post back on what you find out.


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            Okay, here's the deal: I did some things, it's running for the moment as it should, and I have no idea why that happened. Let me tell you what I did, and perhaps someone with more experience can figure it out. (Oh, by the way this is a two-stroke 1995 DT40.) As a refresher, the symptoms were that the motor turned over perfectly when I first started it for the year, then it died a second or two later. I tried to start it again and all I got was a "click" in the motor housing. I tried to start it again several times and I got nothing, not even a click. I thought that screamed battery, especially since I could run the lights or the depth finder or the marine telephone by themselves. (I am using an Exide Edge AGM size 24 dual purpose battery that 's less than two years old with minimal usage, and that registers around 15 volts at 100 percent while charging, and around 12.8 volts when not charging.) I disconnected the peripheral (lights, sounder, telephone) leads from the battery, leaving only the motor leads, and tried to start it. It worked! Then, I reattached the peripheral leads as well, and tried to start it, and it started again. I then turned on all the peripherals and tried to start it, and it worked. It's working, but I have this uneasy feeling because I don't know what happened and why it's working now.. Any thoughts on what happened?


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              You likely had a bad connection at the battery.

              Removing, cleaning up and reinstalling the various leads has likely solved it. If you didnt give the main battery terminals and engine cables a good clean with wire brush or sandpaper, it is still a good idea to do that and then use some appropriate grease and tighten them up again.

              Although it may still be a battery lead is in poor condition and you may just have moved it enough so that there is now a good connection.

              If it happens again, that would be what to look for. And battery leads that feel stiff or crunchy when you give them a flex around are suspect and should be replaced.

              If it doesnt happen again, then the poor battery connection was the issue. By the way, wing nuts on battery cables are a bad idea, use nuts and tighten them up tight with a wrench.


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                Good call Moonlighter, and check connections/cables all the way to the motor as well.

                Good luck, post back if problems.