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DT40 1987 Oil indicator problem?!

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  • DT40 1987 Oil indicator problem?!


    I've bought an older DT40 which is showing a constant red light in the Oil Level Indicator. There seems to be more than enough 2-stroke oil (also indicated by the green lights, i presume) but the red light keeps lighting up. It lights up as soon as i turn on the ignition so i dont think its related to oil pressure. I've checked the oil level in the motor, and its looking fine.

    Anyone has an idea why its lighted up, and how to reset it? The 4-stroke tricked with no ignition and 3 pulls of the switch doesnt work here

    Any ideas/help is appreciated.


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    Need to test oil level sensor in oil tank and wiring.
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      Hi how can you test the oil sensor on a DT60 Suzuki outboard 2 stroke?

      I put an ohms meter on it and it was dead when the floats where up the slide and then the ohms gave a signal when the floats where down the bottem indicating no oil left.

      Does this mean the sender is Ok?

      regards Tony


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        Tony, the float level switch you tested may be fine. But there is the oil flow sensor on the oil line under the tank that could be bad or the filter screen may be blocked up from old oil. This sensor reads oil flow, going into the pump.

        While you are having this problem, pre-mix a tank of oil and fuel until you get the sensor problem corrected/ cleaned/replaced, and are certain the oil system is working properly (mark the tank to see how fast, or if oil is being used from tank).

        Good luck.