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How to drop lower unit on DT85??

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  • How to drop lower unit on DT85??

    I need to remove the lower unit/gearcase from my 1996 Suzuki DT85. I can get all the bolts out no problem, but it still will not budge. What is the final step and/or trick? How do I disconnect the linkage? Is that all that is holding it on there?? Any help would be appreciated.

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    I can't believe no one here can help me with this....


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      ok if you have all the bolts out sometimes corrosion grabs the shaft into the motor so you we have to work it tap with a rubber mallet if they have not had grease applied on shaft some times they can be very hard to get out just keep working at it have you undone the shift shaft


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        Thanks Mitch.

        Yes, the shift linkage is disconnected, and I've removed all 7 bolts and the 2 nuts. I know that works because I've dropped the replacement lower off of the used motor I bought no problem. The one on the boat will not budge. I'm thinking the lower is corroded to the two studs the nuts came off? Or corroded all the way around the seam to the upper? It won't move even a bit...

        Thanks in advance...


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          ok i have with extreme great care used acid to clean corrosion from around corroded studs to free them up, but that shaft is another matter they are just bastards only thing is to keep at it


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            I'm not sure how this forum works, but I like it when people post on topic in an existing thread so the next person doesn't have to search through 10 threads on the same topic.
            ​​​​​​I found the nut for the linkage bolt on the side under the rubber plug.
            I read somewhere else to be careful not to move anything or things can become out of sync. But I'm thinking if I move the gear linkage to Neutral and put it back with both the gear selector and the linkage both at Neutral, everything should be the same for the cables, linkage, and lower unit.
            Is my thinking correct?
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              Yes your thinking is correct. You may need to align the drive shaft splines so they slide in, if your not in neutral you can’t rotate the driveshaft. When you rotate the drive shaft always rotate the driveshaft in a clockwise direction otherwise you run the risk of bending a vane or two in the wrong direction. Don’t forget to smear some grease on the driveshaft splines and shifter shaft splines.


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                Hi. It took me 17 pages to find something on the clutch nut removal on my 1995 DT 55. The photos in my Suzuki service manual make it hard to locate the clutch nut but I have figured out that it is the nut inside a plastic access cover on the lower motor cowl. I now plan to just follow the service manual literally; loosen the bolt and just separate the clutch rod. It looks like reattachment could tricky with the rod going under the motor as it does but I have wasted a full day just being afraid of it. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate the input. Thank you.