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dt40 oil injection system

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  • dt40 oil injection system

    I just got my first boat and all I know about the motor is its a 40 hp suzuki. From what I can tell it's a dt. I was told by the previous owner that the oil injection doest work but I can't figure out how to test it. I mixed gas for it and it runs good. I need to know how to test the system or take it or the other. Any help would be much appericated. Thanks much.

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    not sure on the test procedure but be sure to mix the oil 50/1

    I only mention it because not everyone knows the correct mixture


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      Ya I managed to find the mix ratio on the net but so far can't seem to find a way to test the oil system. I filled my oil tank and marked it so I guess I will just run it with mized gas and see if it pumps any out of the oil tank. Thanks


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        get a factory service manual for it and it will have all that info.

        you can find them for free on the internet in pdf form then just save it to your computer and copy it to a CD for safe keeping. there are a lot of places trying to sell it to you but it is out there available for free if you are willing to spend a little time searching


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          Ok thanks I will see if I can find one.


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            oil injection removal

            Nothing is bullet proof. I am rebuilding a 92 dt85 that the oil injection failed on and took out the crank and pistons. I would also like to know how to remove the oil injection system from the control module electronics. This will be a pre- mix engine when I am through.


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              If you find out how to remove the system please let me know I would rather not have it really.


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                Hello can anyone tell me what the wires coming out of the oil tank sensor do? or point me to a link? Many thanks


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                  Suzuki DT40 1987


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                    The wires in the oil tank are for the oil level gauge indicators. It shows how much oil is in the tank. The manual for your motor would tell you how to test that sending unit, and if the lowest oil level will trigger "safe mode" running until oil level is raised.

                    As I understand, there is no way to remove the injection system from the ECM, and the only way the oil pump could fail is if something broke internally, or the oil screen (part of the oil flow switch) got blocked-up with old oil/trash or something similar.
                    The only test is to mark the tank, and run the motor on pre-mix, then calculate the drop in the tank with respect to running time and rpms. Each Suzuki manual will show how to test, calculate, and adjust the oil flow for that motor.

                    Good luck.