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  • Suzuki DT 90

    I have suzuki DT 90 it ran fine never had a problem. I've had since new and when I turn the key I get nothing ,motor won't turn over. Batteries are charged. Where's a good place to start ? Anyone have any ideas what might be the problem ?

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    A little more information on your situation and motor would be helpful. Age could help. If other electrical items are working, if key works, but motor doesn't turn over, might indicate neutral switch, kill switch, or wiring to any of these (including key switch itself?). If nothing is working, does your boat have a battery switch?
    I know your motor is not new, but on this side of the computer I don't even know what color your boat is.

    So, getting back to my first sentence, a little more info could be helpful. Also, some of the things tried, and if you have a service manual, Mechanically or electrically inclined?

    Post back when able. Good luck.


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      Dt 90

      It's a 1990 DT 90 trim and tilt on controls work , no battery switch kill swith is in place , don't know if it's key switch because it's not really a key it's looks like plastic cap ? Was going to talk control apart and look . Was wondering about neutral safety swith. Looking for ideas because the local Suzuki dealer here in town, is a piece of work. Nobody wants to go there because they always get screwed and repairs aren't never done correctly. Lots of complaints
      Looking for ideas as what possibly could be problem motor doesn't turn over and alarms don't even sound when I turn key like they use to ?
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        OK, if not getting the beeps, it is possibly the key switch. It sounds like the contacts inside the switch have gone bad. The plastic cap just slides on the key to help keep water out of the switch. If you have a service manual, and are good with a volt meter, you can test the voltage going into the switch, and which wires should have power from the switch according to its position.
        If you buy a new switch after 26 years, you're still in good shape.

        Good luck, and let us know how it goes.