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No spark at all

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  • No spark at all

    Hi guys , new to the forum and have a problem with a new to me engine . The number on the alloy plate is 012158 or 9 , itís a 65hp I C ignition oil injection. It was running with a good spark and itís suddenly got no spark . Iíve been told it has a mercury switch to stop it being started when tilted , I need to know what colour wire to isolate to see if this is the problem, any other advice you could help me with would be gratefully received. Iím a competent mechanic but this has me stumped . Cheers, John

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    It might help to post a pic of serial number plate. Oil injection, is the only clue you give that it might be a 2 stroke motor, DT-65, I'm just guessing. If so, it might be a 1990 model?

    If no spark at all, it could be one of the magneto charging coils (low condenser charging coil), part of the windings that charge the cdi for fire at idle. You should have the suzuki service manual to check which wires and what ohm readings are good for each part of the magneto. If no manual, you may have to pull flywheel (inspect magnets to be sure they haven't fragmented and eaten part of magneto, if loose magnets - replace), to find what wires go to each coil.

    Did you press the oil reset switch? Just in case it tripped?

    Check gear counting coil? If all magneto coils (rest of magneto are good), regulator/rectifier is good, oil reset not tripped, then CDI unit may be at fault?

    It is hard to say what happened, but give us an update id you find anything.

    Good luck, post back when able to let us know.


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      Thanks for the reply , Iíll get a manual and check it out .


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        Hi John, I solve the problem?