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Oil Volume 2009 DF90

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  • Oil Volume 2009 DF90

    Service and owners manual call for 4.3L oil with filter change, 4.0L without filter change. Last fall I changed the oil and filter ran the engine to check for leaks, no leaks so I parked it for the winter. This spring as part of the startup procedure I checked the oil, overfilled by about 3/4Ē. I drained 0.5L from the crankcase ran the engine and rechecked the oil level, all was good. This summer the oil level was fine every time I checked the oil. Changed the oil/filter a couple of days ago and collected every drop to measure the volume. Collected 3.8L of oil including what would drain from the filter. By my calculations thats 11.6% oil left in the engine. Anyone else run across this situation?

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    Depending on the tilt position of the motor, there can be some oil left in the crankcase. There could be some hidden "pockets" inside the engine, not sure. What you can do is tilt the motor all the way up and down and see if some oil will drain out.
    Regards, Martin
    DF200 2007


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      I did tilt the engine out, about 10 degree increments and let it drain, recovered a small amount of oil but still short volume. Iím was working on gravel (not level) so I jacked up one side of the trailer to bring it level across the transon. No fuel odour from the used oil so thatís a good thing. The boat is winterized now with fresh oil, Iím short 0.4L as per Suzuki specifications, will recheck level next spring.
      Thanks for your input.