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‘88 DT40 Coil/Plug Wire Cap connection

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  • ‘88 DT40 Coil/Plug Wire Cap connection

    Just got an ‘88 Suzuki Dt40 and noticed something with the spark plug wire. I previously have owned Johnson/Evinrude outboards and all the plug cap and wires were connected. But on the dt40 I noticed that the cap came off of plug wire. Is that normal and do I just twist it back on? It seemed to work fine when I bought it but when I took off the cowling at home it was disconnected. I looked on a parts website for a diagram of parts for the ignition and it showed me that I can buy the plug wire cap separate so I’m assuming it’s a twist on type of deal.

    Any guide or help on this would be great before I go ahead and spend $80 on a set of coils.

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    If part's break down, says you can order separately then it should fine to put it back on. If it is a loose fit, it might be wise to replace just the complete wire and boot from the plug to the coil. Might even do the set for each coil/plug? Any signs of dry rot/cracks wires or boots, definately replace them.

    Good luck.