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New member and new Suzuki owner DF40A

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  • New member and new Suzuki owner DF40A

    Hi everyone,

    I am glad I found this forum. I just picked up my new DF40 tiller mounted on my Lund 16 Fury. Took it for a test run and ***, what a sweet motor!

    I was looking at Merc, but found out the 40 is made in China. No thanks. I also looked at Tohatsu as I prefer made in Japan.

    Settled on the Suzuki since it shares the 50 and 60 head etc. And it has a self adjusting timing chain, not a belt.

    I am glad I went with Suzuki! I love the tach and the PTT in the tiller handle.

    Can't wait to get it WOT once I finish break in.

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    Yes, they are a very nice motor, we just picked up the same motor slightly used for a great price.

    Does yours also have the troll mode switch on the tiller?


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      Yes it has the troll mode switch. Have not tried it yet though. I will when I head up north fishing in a couple of weeks. (Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada)

      Hopefully I can add pictures to your rig/fish thread after!


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        Looking forward to seeing them!


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          My curiosity has me looking at my motor specs and it capabilities. It seems to share all the same parts as the DF50 and the DF60 as well.

          Except for the ECU. And one other part.



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            Correct. Same size, weight etc.


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              Looks like there may be an air restriction on the 40 and 50.

              The "silencer holder" is a different part number on the 40, 50 and 60.


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                So, I went to the trouble of removing the "silencer holder" and this is what it looks like.
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                  Is there a simple way to "open" up the DF40's to 50 HP performance given that they share some of the same components?


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                    I'm quite sure they are the same motor with the 40 being detuned a bit. Problem is even if you opened it up a bit so it could breath, you would still need to be able to change the fuel curve in the ECM to take advantage of the extra air.


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                      Originally posted by Pot Hole View Post
                      Is there a simple way to "open" up the DF40's to 50 HP performance given that they share some of the same components?
                      I bought the silencer holders for the 50 and 60. I will update once I get them.


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                        I received the 50hp and 60hp silencer holders. The 50hp looks similar to the 40hp, just the holes are bigger.

                        The 60hp is a round piece of rubber with the full diameter open. No piece of metal with holes. (will post a pic later).

                        I ran my 40 with the 50 silencer holder and it revved up to 6200 and hit the limiter. It maxed out at 5800 with the 40 "silencer holder". Definitely felt an increase in power and GPS confirmed an increase in speed, but I kept hitting the limiter.

                        Time for a prop with more pitch.


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                          Keep us updated - this is an interesting discussion!


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                            Interesting... I went back and looked at the same part on the DF25/30A, fig 122, item 23. On the 25 it's called a 'restrictor holder' and is depicted with a star shaped obstruction in the middle. On the 30 its called a 'silencer seal' and is depicted as an open rubber grommet. Any DF25 owners care to confirm? On my DF30 its wide open!
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                              mmanuel, did you open yours to look at it, or are you only referring to the drawing? It looks like I would need to remove the intake manifold cover to see the Restrictor Holder, correct? If you take pictures of yours, I'll take pictures of mine. ;^) Gearhead ****...

                              What's interesting to me (and a couple of friends with similar boats) is that Suzuki only offers the DF30 in a long-shaft configuration, while the DF25 is available in either short- or long-shaft. My boat is designed for a short-shaft motor. So it would be nice to be able to get 30 HP from a short-shaft motor...

                              Do you now thing the ECU may be smart enough to deal correctly with the different Restrictor?