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Killcord switch wiring Dt 115 suzi 1983

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  • Killcord switch wiring Dt 115 suzi 1983

    Putting replacement switch on,not sure which colour wires to use,new swtch is 4 spade ,motor runs at moment ..some one took old switch remote with choke on keypress and tiltn trim switch..PLEAS HELP

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    My 94 and 99 models use "G"- green and "B"- black, connected to the 2 spades that only have continuity when the cap is off (closed circuit). When the cap is on, there should be NO continuity between "G" & "B" wires (open circuit).

    There could be some differences in the 83 year motor, but my book only goes back to 92 year model.

    Both wires (B & G) should be at the key switch.

    Good luck, post back on what you find.