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where is the dt fuel pump

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    Alright so finally i had time to look at this motor again, I started by checking the spark plugs ( 12 of them ) all were wet it looks like fuel is making its way there but its not all getting burnt , clean them all up , decided to check for spark, noticed that there is very weak at the top two and lower ones but the middle i could no see any spark , but what has me thinking is it sometimes runs good, i looked at the coils but dont see how to test them any, its completely sealed the two wires going to each spark only, is there a way to test them ? or what other bad things could be going on this crap,


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      It seems to be a problem with carbs or with spark. I still think it is a problem with carbs, still either dirty, or not adjusted properly. Or, possibly vacuum leak at carb gaskets.

      If you haven't got the proper repair manual, you can not test the electrical components, and you can not set the carbs up to another motor's settings.

      I can not help, if you can not listen. You are the hands, eyes, and ears. I am not there, only by words/computer can i help.

      Good luck.


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        hey Solarman. so when I checked the throttle valve switch. the manual says check for continuity, when the valve is fully closed , light green/ red to Black - 0 and brown / yellow to black ⨝ .so is that saying when testing the meter does not beep at lg/r to b right , can you help me out here thanks , see the pict


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          it dont let me upload it


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            Anyway after about two months working when possible on this motor. So far I have changed the spark plugs, rectifiers new IC power coil. Cleaned the entire fuel system pumps carburetors hoses etc
            every coil check out as per manual specifications and there is spark. But after replacing the plugs I have noticed that it looks like there’s no fuel getting to them. They is no sign of the spark plug being burnt. I am at stand still now. When I try to start it the other day after all this work it fires one shot. Like a shot gun. That I can’t figure out. Any help?


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              Try squirting a mixture of gas with some oil into each carb throat with a spray bottle, water hose turned on, and see if it starts?

              Post back what happens?


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                did that and used starting fluid but nothing, I am now looking at CDI unit there is nothing for an '86, i am looking at 2001 unit but wiring color is a little different I think i can make it work butt need a 2001 wiring diagram ,, do you have a picture I can look at ?


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                  Never use starting fluids on 2 stroke motors! They have no oils for lubrication.

                  I am not a mind reader, i can only read what you type here to me. Lets try to be specific with the communication here.

                  You said it popped, like a shotgun.

                  Next step is careful removal of flywheel. Do you know how to do this with a flywheel pulling tool? You have to loosen the nut on flywheel just until it is flush with the crankshaft, then leave it there until the flywheel pops loose.

                  If you pull your flywheel, be very careful with the puller bolts, only run them in as far as the threads in the flywheel, too deep and they will damage the stator coils. Once you remove the flywheel, inspect the magnets as well, broken, or loose magnets can eat/destroy your stator/magneto (as mine did).

                  Post back, and let us know what's going on here.
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