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Alarm (oil or heat???) at full rpm on my BF30 2002

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  • Alarm (oil or heat???) at full rpm on my BF30 2002

    I have no Suzuki dealer near my place so help is appreciate.
    My BF30 2002 (no computer diagnose) as an alarm after 1 or 2 minutes at full rpm (run ok at idle and mid rpm). Then the engine protect itself by dropping rpm.
    Shot the engine off and start again good with no alarm.
    Full of oil, water pump new and water come out ok , thermostat new, standard prop ….
    No temp gage and no oil pressure gage on my Princecraft boat

    Where do I start for a diagnostic : Bad temp sensor???? Bad oil pressure switch ???

    Thank for advice

    Normand from Québec-Canada

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    With the BF30 2002 alarm system, is there distinct buzzer sequence for a HEAT problem, a OIL problem or a over RPM problem ????


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        Thank to Murray for the ''diagnostics code'' but for those years (2002 with carburator) I was told by a dealer that there is no computerise diagnostic system.
        So I am still looking for a way to zoom in the cause of this alarm after one minute at high RPM. Alarm that go away if I shout the engine and restart.


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          When the alarm goes off, is the alarm one long alarm or is it a series of beeps? Any flashing light on the tachometer?(if you have a tachometer)


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            The alarm is a long buzzer sound and a red light come on at the motor (consol control).
            When the alarm start, the engine protect itself by dropping the rpm and runs lok at low rpm.
            If I shut off the engine and restart it wright away, the engine run normaly wihtout alarm as long that I stay at low or mid rpm.

            A dealer 2 hours away from home said yesterday that he as the know-how to hook a computerise code diagostic system even if it is a 2002 with carburator.
            I will go nex week and give a follow up.


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              A long buzzer I haven’t encountered so unfortunately I can’t be of any help, perhaps one of the more experienced members will chime in. When you changed the water pump did you only change the rubber impeller or did you change the entire water pump assembly?


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                More I read about this high rpm alarm, more it point tu the water pressure valve (pop-it).
                This valve seems difficult to reach, it is in the mid-unit.
                Do we have to take the power unit of ti reach this valve?


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                  Sorry can’t help you, my water pressure valve is two bolts on the mid unit behind the lower side cover.


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                    So the dealer that said he could plug a computer to diagnose my BF30 2002 was wrong and I drove 3 hours for nothing

                    His experience mecanic did start the engine in a baril and found nothing.

                    Came back home and took off the temp sensor. On first test I ad a bad speck reading with hot water (167c) and after 2 or 3 test the temp sensor came back to normal speck. Mystery

                    I will have to try the engine on the lake. A new sensor is 130$ plus taxes in Canada.

                    I will try a cheaper price in USA but we are never sure off the final price after exchange rate, post fees, broker fees and surprise fees.

                    Keep tune



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                      I finaly found the water pressure valve. It is located at the end of a rubber hose just before entering the exhaust manifold. Look quite easy to reach and change.
                      If the new temp sensor (31 US $) does not solve my high RPM alarm I will change this valve. The valve is there not only to bypass excess water it as a cooling role.
                      Expert advice would be appreciated.