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Neuteral switch problem

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  • Neuteral switch problem

    Hi guys! Hope someone can hjelp me with this problem.
    i have a 2017mod Suzuki DF60 that dont start.
    when i turn the key everything looks normal, beep, fuelpump starts and no error codes but when i try to start Nothing happens.
    It is voltage on the white wire, gray wire and the Brown whire all the way back to the enging.
    When i messure the nuteral switch on the motor its no voltage. The nuteral switch looks fine when i test the resistance.
    Does any one have a clue whats wrong?

    sorry for bad english, im norwegian

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    Is motor in neutral, is the neutral switch engaged?


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      Yes both neuteral switches are engadged. But thers no power comming to the neuteral switch on the motor.


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        i was about to take it in too my local dealer but decided to look over the cables from the ecu to the NSS on the motor.
        Under some tape I found a “crack” in the cable and the cable was corroded away. This tape is from production so this “crack” must have been from back than. Looks like someone has cut some of the insulation away. Se photo.
        I cut away the bad part and connected the wires again and it started up right away.
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          For those of you interested it was the black and blue cable from joint connector #2 too NSS that was broken
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