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NMEA lowrance elite 2019 140

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  • NMEA lowrance elite 2019 140

    Recently installed interface from my df140 to lowrance elite 9ti2. All data is working as expected, with the exception of the trim %. I am currently showing 100% with a range of 90-100%.

    do I need to calibrate something? The lowrance only lets me choose up to a 2015 model year engine, so I am picking the 2007 and newer selection.

    any thoughts?

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    If you have the correct interface cable (must be Software version 3.5.04 its part number ends in 354) then you cannot change the engine year or hp - you can try, but it will not save it and will revert as soon as you exit. Version 3.5.04 automatically detects the engine its connected to.

    So first, open the network device list, select the Suzuki, and open it. You will see the sw version listed there. Make sure its correct as per my note above.

    Assuming its correct, you do need to configure the trim. Havent done this for a while but pretty sure its done on the configure page as well.


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      I’m running the 354 part number and as you stated it doesn’t give me options for motor size and such. The only issue I have is that the trim seems to need the range adjusted. It currently reads close to 100% all the time.
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        Then I dont understand why you mentioned setting the year as 2007 or newer in your first post - as I said it cannot be changed.

        Anyway .....

        You need to calibrate the trim. Here is how:

        Start the Lowrance. Go to settings then network, then device list, then select the Suzuki from the device list and then select configure. You will then see the device configuration page.

        Select “reset trim calib” and follow the prompts from there.
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          I wanted to circle back on my previous post, as I have now used the product for some time.

          what I have found is that my trim does show properly on the elite lowrance.

          I have found a few other things. When I add fuel and try to enter that it is full, it does not seem to take. I have gotten no benefit thus far from the fuel readings.

          Yesterday the unit lost contact with the Suzuki interface and I had to reconfigure it. My engine is a 2019 and the options are 2007 and older, 2008,2009.......2015 is the newest model year listed.

          do I need to update software? How do I go about performing that task.


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            Please, go into the network settings as per my first reply, and check the software version as it is shown there. Report back with what version it says there.


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              looks like I have the right cord but wrong update.

              3.5.0 MZ1620C-B1.0


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                Yes something didnt sound right. On the config page the engine should default to something far closer to 2019 .

                indeed I have some doubts as to whether this is a current version cable running the latest software design, or an old cable thats been updated....

                Have a look at this link, it shows what the old cables that run .luf software look like, and what the current cables that run .swup software design look like. You really need the .swup version.


                If you confirm that you do have the .swup version, then on the link, you can download version 3.5.04 and update your existing cable. Simply download the file, save it to a micro SD card, (the card must be no largerthan 32GB capacity or it wont read) put the card into your Lowrance, turn the engine key on, then find the file in the Elite menu, select it and select upload, you should then see a progress bar as it uploads. When it finishes uploading, go back into the network menu and check the software version has changed and then set the engine configuration again.
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                  Thank you sir. I will verify this update the software.

                  update: It does appear I have the correct unit.
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                    Ok, let us know how the software update goes.


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                      sorry guys I just signed up. how do I start a post? I don't see where to do one?


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                        [QUOTE=Jody beavin;n53783]sorry guys I just signed up. how do I start a post? I don't see where to do one?[/QUOTE

                        Just above the “Sticky’s” section there is a “+New Topic”(blue button)


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                          Please disregard this post
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                            i uploaded the 3.5.4 swup software, which lowrance had emailed to me. It ran rather quickly and is showing a status with the proper version. I had the graph and the key turned on for engine power.

                            Nothing really appears to be different. When I tried to reconfigure my settings it will not display a 2019 model year, only 2007 and older and 2008-2015. It will not allow me to reconfigure and gives unable as the cause.

                            The screen on the lowrance does not show the Suzuki app that I have seen on some. Just a generic engine data icon.

                            it would appear that the trim, voltage, etc will function, which it worked partially with the old version. Unsure on the fuel until I get it on the water.

                            I did restart the unit to see if I had changes and I switched the data source from global to local.


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                              Ok back to basics.

                              1. You cannot select engine year or hp on software versions from 2.5 onwards, so forget even trying to set them. They are auto detected by the interface and cannot be changed. Even if you change them they will immediately revert again. So simply ignore them. Whatever they show up as will be fine.

                              2. in settings, scroll down and open the fuel menu. Select vessel setup and set The boat as 1 engine/1tank and set the tank capacity.

                              3. Then fo back to the Suzuki device Configuration page. The only thing to set is engine location, so set that as centre. Done.

                              4. You only get the Suzuki icon if you also have a C-10 display on your network or the new Suzuki Connect intrface cable. . So forget that too.

                              5. run an auto-configure of data sources. Menu/settings/network then select the option to auto configure data sources. It will remind you to turn on alll network devices (this includes the engine key turned on) and that all data sources will be reset. Yes you want to do this so proceed. Now change to the dashboard page and check the data thats available.

                              6. there should be a trim calibration option on the Suzuki device page. i forget where it is exactly but its there somewhere. Find it and follow the calibration instructions.

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