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DF70A Difficultly starting

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  • DF70A Difficultly starting

    My DF70A struggle to start, have checked fuel pressure and fuel is good. Changed the plugs and checked the spark is good. What can be the cause?

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    Your request is unanswered and about to go off the front page
    I don't know a much on smaller engines but most issues are fuel related
    tell us more about how this came about what year is you model how many hours etc
    is the fuel fresh, has not been sitting around? how did you measure fuel pressure, as there is no fuel pressure sensor on our engines that I am aware of?


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      Just bought the boat and when we tested the boat he said it’s the way its always been.
      so fuel pressure I’ve chucked a pressure guage in the top of the fuel rail and it was reading 2.2bar.
      fuel is fresh but might be contaminated by old fuel sitting in tanks. The motor is a 2008 model with 800hours on.


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        2.2 bars=32psi Suzuki spec . on my 2009 DF90A 36psi. Don’t know if 4psi would make a difference, wouldn’t think so? Bleed down pressure is 28psi after 5 minutes. Have you siphoned some fuel from the tank to check, fuel should be clear like water? You didn’t mention any codes so I’m assuming engine is not throwing any codes. Once engine is running how does it run at WOT? Have you traced the fuel lines looking for kinks and squeezing the lines as you go feeling for crusty sections. Check the fuel filter, drain and collect some fuel and check for dirt and water. How are all the clamps along the fuel line? As Art stated it’s likely a fuel issue so that’s what I would concentrate on. The more information you give the better the chance that someone will recognize a symptom that may have happened to them.


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          no maintenance records I presume
          you might have the valve clearances checked
          maybe check cylinder pressures and do a leak down test
          And like Murray ask- what happens at WOT?