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DF 15 2010 4 stroke Misfire

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  • DF 15 2010 4 stroke Misfire

    Howdy all. Just trying to get to the bottom of an issue I am having. Maybe someone has similar?
    Starts well (Less than 10hrs on motor - DF15 2010 Carb 4 Stroke) then under acceleration it back-fires for maybe one or 2 strokes then revs out.
    Does this until warm then it seems to all but disappear.
    Just serviced Carb and all very clean. New oil and plugs fitted... maybe too much fuel? Carb mixture? Spark plug lead? Starved of fuel?
    Any help appreciated.

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    Ok, i should have checked the next post. Lol

    Do you know if you have the regular carb, or the 05 series carb?

    The 05 series has an electric starter valve mounted on top, I'm guessing it activates for cold engine starts? Similar to an auto coke plunger? It may also trigger timing change for cold starts?

    Did you have the service done at a Suzuki service shop?

    Good luck, post back on what you have.


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      OK! Problem fixed. The issue was the acceleration pump push rod had the rubber boot over it completely and it was bringing in the fuel too early. All I did was pull it down over the push rod and now its fine!
      Reduced length by approx 5mm