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Motor charging at 16 volts

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  • Motor charging at 16 volts

    Good day I have a suzuki dt 50 1983. When motor is at idle 850rpm voltage is steady at 13 volts but soon as a increase revs above 2500 rpm the voltage climbs to 16 volts. I have checked the connections no sign of corrosion. Could the rectifier be faulty? Looking at the wiring diagrams it looks like a voltage regulator is optional. I have seen on line you can get a rectifier/regulator would this solve my problem.
    any advice would be appreciated
    thank you

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    That is possible, but earlier motors may have had separate regulators, also, it is not uncommon for voltages to go a little higher (14 - 16 volts) when at higher rpms. Is your voltage causing problems?

    Good luck, post back on what you find out.