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1987 DT55 dumping fuel out the side of the carb

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  • 1987 DT55 dumping fuel out the side of the carb

    I recently took my carbs off and cleaned them and blew them out. I put them back on and ran the motor with the boat in the water. I noticed fuel was pouring out of the hole by the pilot screw. Not sure if i messed something up when i blew the carbs out. Anyone have ideas? Its the hole the red arrow is pointing to in the picture.
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    Might be a vent hole. If you didn't re-set the float level, then the float level could be over-filling the bowl, causing fuel to come out the vent or throat of the carb? Same thing could happen, if the needle valve doesn't close completely (because of trash) when the float rises to shut fuel off coming into bowl.

    Good luck, post back on what you find out .


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      How do you reset the float level? Im about to take the carb off and take the bowl off again.


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        If you are not familiar with carbs, it is not easy to tell you how to set the float level? The float is basically level when mounted on the motor. If the float is set properly, then as the motor runs it uses fuel out of the float bowl, as the level of fuel drops the float goes down and the needle valve opens to let more fuel fill the bowl.

        When the float is set too low, then the bowl does not fill up enough, the bowl goes empty, and running at higher rpms the motor starts surging (acts like it's running out of fuel).

        If the float level is too high, then the needle valve stays open till the float pushes the needle valve up to shut the fuel off. If the needle valve doesn't shut the fuel off (because float is set too high), the fuel keeps filling the bowl until it overflows the bowl, it runs out the vent hole, or the throat of carb. This is what's happening to your motor.

        The service manual tells how to set the float level by measurements, but you might be able to look up some video on a computer of "how to set the float-level on carburators" to see what to do.

        Good luck, post back on what you find out.