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Is International Marine in FL a reliable supplier?

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  • Is International Marine in FL a reliable supplier?

    I saw these folks mentioned in a few posts and wondering if folks have had a good experience with them? I ask because I'm wondering if I should be patient or concerned regarding a recent order I made with them over a week ago.

    I say concerned because the website page for the item says "usually ships in 2-3 days", yet my order confirmation gave no estimate on a ship date. I emailed after a week and have gotten no reply. I tried calling and it's one of those straight to voicemail things - left a message with order# and customer# yet, no reply.

    Appreciate folks input - I'm held up on a project awaiting the item and wondering if I should cut bait, and order elsewhere. Cutting bait is a major hassle since these folks haven't been replying - likely have to dispute the charge with my credit card company and reject acceptance of the shipment if it suddenly shows up.

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    They are a forum sponsor over on The Hull Truth. Ive dealt with them occasionally with no dramas.

    I would have a little (actually, a lot) of extra patience with folks in the current circumstances with the COVID19 situation affecting both suppliers and deliver services.


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      Thanks Moonlighter, appreciate the input.

      Yes, being a FL resident myself, the rising COVID situation here is part of my thought process; inquiries have been extremely polite. Hopefully, all is ok on International's end and lines of communication open.


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        I think “Ships in 2-3 days” is code for “We don’t have it in stock but will get it from our suppliers in 2-3 days pre Covid


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          Originally posted by Murray View Post
          I think “Ships in 2-3 days” is code for “We don’t have it in stock but will get it from our suppliers in 2-3 days pre Covid
          Aye...the more concerning issue is the lack of communication. On one hand, I hope they're doing well, COVID is a real issue here in FL - we had over 9,000 cases in one day recently. On the other, I've had to wait on Suzuki parts before to come from Japan, took 2 months. Regarding the latter, it was what it was and there was nothing to do but wait.

          In this instance, while I'm patient and kind in reaching out to International Marine (IM), they didn't put anything on there order confirmations regarding delays due to COVID, a return policy or an estimated delivery day. Meanwhile I've been researching a Plan B and found another distributor (further from me) that has confirmed they have the item it in stock and can ship immediatel. If IM doesn't at least reach out with a status of what's going on, thinking I'll need to go the route of attempting to cancel the order (who knows if they'll honor that).


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            Well, good on International Marine

            They simply cancelled the order for me so I can move to plan B with peace of mind that I won't be stuck with two; much appreciated.