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DF115 Whine /Humming noise after revving up and idle

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  • DF115 Whine /Humming noise after revving up and idle


    Has anyone else ever had a issue with their motor making a weird whining noise after revving it up and then putting it back into idle? Video is attached.

    I have replaced the fuel/water separator and the primer bulb. I made sure that fuel/water separator was full of fuel by using the primer bulb. I have also tightened down all the clamps on the hoses to make sure no air is getting into the system.

    Also, does the motor usually jerk a little while it is in idle?

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    Hi! Check my thread:

    Sounds exactly like my DF100A 2013!

    "edit" Oh! i see you have posted in my thread.
    After the fix with the fuel supply i havent had any issues with stalling engine. But i think the noise is still there, my noise comes and goes.
    I did also lube up the driveshaft.
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