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    Good morning all new member here who is lost and in direr need of help. I’m pretty mechanically inclined but stumped. I have a 06 175 4 Stroke. My tilt trim sounded like it was low on fluid and maybe had some air. Therefore I filled it up. Motor goes up great, not a problem at all. The problem is, it won’t go down unless done by the manual bypass screw. I can hear the solenoid click when pushing down on switches (helm and port side of motor) but no motor function. I have metered the switches and they are good. I tried to do direct power to the trim motor but can’t get either side (blue or green) wire to work. I’m kinda at a loss. I don’t want to just start ordering parts. I would take it to my local dealer buts he’s 6 weeks out!!! Anyone have an idea?

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    Do a search on this site for that exact same issue lots of info.


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      there is a plastic tilt limit s/w clamped to the tilt tube that has caused me similar issues in the past.


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        Thanks all. I’m an idiot! I was trying to test the motor with a direct 12v system. Instead of putting a negative wire on the battery, I was grounding it to the block. Therefore it will not let the motor switch polarity. Once I figured it out, the motor works fine. Relay is prob shot. Thanks for the responses though