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2017 df100a

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  • 2017 df100a

    I have bought a boat with a DF100A 2017 and i am the second owner, the privius owner had the boat in brackish water and i will use the boat in 100% freshwater, i wonder what is Suzuki motors rekommendation, i will use magnesium (wich is for fresh water) anodes on the lower unit and allso to the little round anodes in the cylinder head it's that correct ??


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    You don’t mention what condition the anodes are in now. A new to you boat they should be checked and replaced if necessary. I run in 100% fresh water with the factory original anodes and up to 2 years there was no sign of consumption, that being said, the leg is out of the water when moored. When inspecting the anodes I would suggest you do a routine maintenance unless you it has been done recently.


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      The engine is stil under warranty so the service after the last summer has been done by a authorized Suzuki dealer so i assume they checked the anodes, because of i will use the boat in 100% freshwater i wonder WICH type of anodes Suzuki recommends in the five internals anodes and also on the lower unit, i have seen information that some say zink/aluminium in freshwater and salt/brechish water, other only magnesium in freshwater and when i surf on the internet most sites say zink/aluminium in salt or breckish water and magnesium in freshwater.

      The warranty ends after this spring so after that i will check the anodes by my self it’s very easy no big deal

      What type of anodes are installed from the factory original, zinc, aluminium or magnesium ?? but i am curios what suzuki recommends for freshwater



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        I believe zinc are OEM, don’t know what Suzuki recommends for freshwater. Give them a call or email?