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Manual PTT bleed screw seals

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  • Manual PTT bleed screw seals

    My bleed screw has corroded so the O ring leaked. I removed a very thin piece of O ring but the slot is quite large so it must take a thick O ring? Can anyone suggest the size of O ring and is there just one at the end of the screw? 20210301_164032.jpg

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    Link is for my engine. Part #15 is what your picture shows, Part #16 is I think what your looking for.


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      Thanks for that. I didn't spot the O ring separate. UK outlet wants 100 + tax for the screw. I am trying to repair the O ring groove


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        So I have repaired the corroded part and I found a bag of O rings which were in my box of bits. I cannot fathom if the O ring goes in the first groove from the screw head or the second groove just before the thread. I have the very small ring at the bottom still in place. The top groove is actually square section so not ideal for an O ring but the groove next to the thread looks more likely as it is round section. Any ideas?
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          The saga continues ..... so I have seen images of a new bleed screw and the O ring is in the end groove and is really thin so it is a loose fit. I fitted this and the screw goes into the reservoir and no leaks yet BUT I have no pressure in the system. As I bleed the fluid I am getting "fizzy" fluid coming out so lots of air trapped? I have a bottle of fluid upturned and connected and no fluid is coming out of anywhere except the filler hole when I remove the bottle. The fluid is very aerated and the engine will not go up/down. Is this air trapped or have I blown some other seal?