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Twin DF60 Installation recommendations

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  • Twin DF60 Installation recommendations

    Hi all. I'm new here... Thanks for letting me in.

    I'm wanting to install twin DF60s on an 18' mono hull and would like to know what is the minimum, and/or optimum distance center to center for mounting the two motors. At this stage, mounting height doesn't come into the equation because I will solve that once I know how far apart they should be. Thanks in advance.

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    You will need to find a Suzuki Setup manual. I have one but it’s for a DF70,80 and DF90. Minimum engine centre line distance is 660mm/26”. I would ASSUME that for a DF60 the centre line distance would be slightly less.


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      Thanks very much Murray. I spent quite a bit of time scouring the web yesterday for the info (which also lead me to this forum) and came up empty handed. I'll give one of our Suzuki agents a call and ask them. I'll post info here when I get it.


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        Found one on line, likely won’t be allowed to post the link. Google Suzuki Outboard setup manual, I found a pdf on motooff dot ru that might help.


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          Thanks so much. I saw that one yesterday but didn't go into depth in the manual. My reasoning being that it was a 2006 manual in the days when the 60 shared the same block as the 70. If I understand correctly, the 40,50 and 60 share the same block, and the 70 and 90 share a substantially bigger block.

          But thanks Murray... The info looks pretty solid and pretty much what I was banking on at 22". The next part of the question... What is optimal and what are the main dynamics/limitations when working with minimum distance apart as opposed to maximum that can comfortably sit on the transom?


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            I’d be looking also at the drag link(if that’s what it called), the steering piece that joins the two engines together. I’m guessing that part will tie into the distance between engines. I’ve never dealt with multiple engines so I’m guessing.


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              Thanks... Yeah, lots of different length options to drag links, as well as each of them offering considerable adjustment. Think of twin installation catamaran hulls, on some, the motors can be yards apart.

              I'm asking the questions because I too have not done such an installation before... And the hull in question is pretty much a one-off that was designed for a single motor, so I'm having to redesign everything about the setup. It's proving interesting though. Thanks again.