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1995 DT150 Diagnostic Tool Kit

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  • 1995 DT150 Diagnostic Tool Kit

    Can someone tell me what the part number is for the diagnostic tool Kit that will work on a 1995 DT150 motor please
    Thanks in advance

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    I'm thinking the only diagnostic tool for your motor would ne through a dealership? Also, many specs, and tests for problems are listed in the dt150 Suzuki service manual, for your motor.

    If you can tell us what your problems are, it's possible someone here might be able to help identify what you need to look at?

    Good luck, post back on what is going on with your motor.


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      I am having the same exact problem that was posted under the heading
      95 dt150 help please

      I just posted at the end of that thread as to it being the same .
      It is identical . I was do disappointed that a solution wasnt reached because Its the same exact problem im having to a T.
      Thanks Mike


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        Solarman It was you that helped with DK on that 95 dt150 help please thread. I would love the help with same problem same exact motor. Motor is in great condition , was very well taken care of. I actually was given the boat when my dad passed away a 2 years ago. He kept it in the garage and took pretty good care of it. It always ran great with no problems that I know of. When I got the boat it ran great up until right before xmas and it started doing what I described earlier. Motor look brand new so I can imagine its going to be something major.
        Thanks in advance