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2021 Suzie 90 hit something now won't go forward or backwards when in gear

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  • 2021 Suzie 90 hit something now won't go forward or backwards when in gear

    2021 Suzie 90 hit something yesterday and after the boat now won't go forward or backwards when in gear. Motor revs up but doesn't move, the prop does spin. It's doesn't idle when in gear either. When the boat is off and you put in gear the prop doesn't move. Need to know if this is a spun prop or lower end problem.

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    Did the prop get damaged? If you remove the prop does the shaft spin (by hand) if you put the motor in forward/reverse/neutral in both directions for forward/ reverse/ neutral?

    You should check all 3 gear positions with prop on first, then with prop off.

    If this is fly-by wire (electrical shifting), I'm not certain if just turning the key to "on" will engage the gears? Someone else might speak up if this will work?

    Good luck, post back on what you find out.


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      Thank you for the response. I noticed the propeller shaft is bent. Going to get that fixed. Has anyone had that issue and had the shaft straighten out and it work? or Is it best to have it all replaced?


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        If you bent the prop shaft badly then whoever fixes it is going to need to pull the gearbox apart. May be best to replace the bent shaft rather than try to straighten it.

        And that will tell the story about any other damage.

        You might want to check if your boat insurance covers damage from accidentally striking submerged objects. Mine does and they paid for replacement of the bent prop shaft.