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87 dt150 no spark starboard side???

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  • 87 dt150 no spark starboard side???

    Hi everyone hoping theres someone out there that can steer me in the right direction I know all coils are good can't get great volt reading cause I suck with a meter but everything checked out in ohm according to the manual I downloaded is this a safety thing that the motor's protecting it self it ran great 4 times this year then all of a sudden lost plain and shut off barely got it back to the dock on 3 cylinders

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    It is possible the motor is protecting itself running in safe-mode? You should check all the heat sensors and oil flow-switch for proper operation.

    There might also be a neutral switch on your motor that could be bad? This can also cause similar running problems.

    Your downloaded manual may not give you proper testing procedures, or values for sensors and flow-switch?

    Good luck, post back on what you find out.


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      Thanks for the response I'm gonna check out temp sensors the oil flow switch has been disconnected on one end haven't check the other end of harness to module yet would like to get all that working properly since it still has the injection setup also I have cdi and oil module on the way be here monday let u know what find thanks again