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2015 DF115 Missing/Not Running Smooth

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  • 2015 DF115 Missing/Not Running Smooth

    Engine suddenly started missing and did not have power. The check engine light came on and had a 4.3 code. The manual says it is the fuel injector. I did a resistance test on all four injectors. Three of them registered 12.5 and one of them registered 161.2. I am assuming the one that registered 161.2 is a bad injector, just wanted to verify that before purchasing a new injector. I looked at a sample of the gas and it looked good. I am thinking I just had an injector go bad. Please advise.

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    2009-2012 DF90A service manual specifications 10-14 ohms at 20C


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      Thanks, I had a older manual for 2001 Df 115, that said resistance should be 11.0 -16.5, so I assummed injector was bad. I have new injector with grommet ,cushion and o-ring ordered. I have never replaced a fuel injector but doesn't look to hard . just wondering if there is any advice that I should know in replacing it ?


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        got new fuel injector from this weekend ,replaced it on Saturday , took boat out afterwards , it ran great . Thanks for your help