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Smg4 gauge mpg?

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  • Smg4 gauge mpg?

    I got twin suzuki df140a. I have two smg4 gauges.
    I have nema them to my simrad go12. I can find them in device list. I cannot get the. To show mpg, it just shows ----
    They will show me gph. Does anyone know what I need to do to get mpg to read correct.

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    I think the resident expert might want the year of the engines.


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      They are 2020


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        I finally found a old post. Had to turn water speed off. Now if I can figure out why the main fuel bar up top is correct but if you cycle through the bottom the small fuel bar is way off.


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          Yes good work finding previous posts on changing the speed source!

          As to the fuel tank bars - Im going to kinda pass on that, although it may be to do with fuel tank setup for twin engines?

          Here is the gauge installation manual. Have a look in there to see if you can find any clues, and if you do, dont forget to report back with results. Please!