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2008 DF90 oil leak

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  • 2008 DF90 oil leak

    I have a 2008 DF90 that has started an oil leak from a port next to one of the upper engine holder mounts, i have gone through the service manual put can not find any reference to this port. Has any one had similar issues and if so what was the rectification required.
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    I had an oil leak in the same location. Read the post. My 07 DF140 oil leak I can't see

    ​​​​​​​It turned out there was a small hole inside engine holder that went into small compartment where bolts for engine holder tighten up.


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      Actually the hole through the engine holder into this compartment has a cover, which corroded a hole. This miniscule hole dripped oil into cavity and out and down swivel shaft. It would drip out the hole you pictured when I tilted engine forward to drive home.