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SDS color-code and pinout

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  • SDS color-code and pinout

    My DF115 2007 have /had the big round sds plug with 5 wires in them. When I installed nmea network I replaced that with the square 4 pin. I only needed 3 wires for that to work so I put the 2 extra wires in a second plug 5 wires.jpg as shown in the picture. My network is working 100%. the problem is when I try to connect suzuki diagnose program and that does not work because I put the wires in randomly , (and also there is 5 wires and not 4) SDS plug 4 wires.jpg Does anyone know in what order they go in the connector for it to work with the sds?

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    So if anyone have the same SDS system New Bitmap Image.jpg that I have (-up and running?) check what wires go where Next time you happen to have the cover off. I have 5 wires from the engine: 3 that I use (Black-Grey-Orange/yellow) and 2 not in useBlack/Green- Yellow). 4 pin plug from Suzuki SDS : Green-Red-Yellow-Black.
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