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'15 DF300 with SMG4 communication issues

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  • '15 DF300 with SMG4 communication issues

    Just installed a new to me 2015 DF300AP with an SMG4 gauge. Location is US if that matters. A few things I am experiencing:
    Trim does not work or calibrate on the gauge
    The gauge is linked to my NMEA2000 network and shows up on my Garmin 942xs however the only gauge that works is the tachometer.

    Is this normal for the older 300's interface with the SMG4, or is there something to check to make sure I am hooked up correctly?

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    Some reading material


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      I did read through that thread and unfortunately no help. The NMEA backbone is hooked up correctly, and the gauge itself works as it should (with exception to showing engine trim).

      According to Suzuki the SMG4 gauge's NMEA2000 connection should output engine data and accept GPS data. It is accepting GPS and outputting only RPM data.


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        Have you been into the Initial Settings menu, sensors, trim?

        How do you know that SMG4 is only outputting rpm? The issue could be that the Garmin is only displaying rpm from all the data available on the network….


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          Yes it was all set up by the book. I knew only RPM by changing displays to all kinds of other available options. The problem turned out to be within the NMEA2000 backbone power. I used a power isolator for the SMG4 and suzuki harness NMEA2000 power to the rest of the items in the backbone (Garmin 942xs, Fusion radio, NMEA2000 Power, Garmin 19x GPS Puck) - once powered up information showed correctly.