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DF115 (2013) - Spurious alarms from ECU

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  • DF115 (2013) - Spurious alarms from ECU

    I have a worrying problem. On my last run out at about 4-5krpm the engine cut back to 3krm. I checked the prop for a problem & then restarted. It happened again. I checked the warning logs on my plotter (engine connected) and it informed me the engine had overheated & over-rev'd. Over revving was not possible, but I checked the water cooling flow and all was ok. For the rest of the trip no problems.

    Yesterday I took my laptop onboard & plugged into the engine to see what the diagnostics told me - No recorded problems.

    I then looked at the real-time alarm reporting and could see that random alarms were popping up & clearing with no time to read them. When I say random, it was all sorts of alarms with no clear reason. The engine was just idling while I looked at it.

    Has anyone ever experienced this? It looks like the ECU is have some kind of trouble, but not certain what or what can be done?

    Any help appreciated?
    Dave Bradford

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    Your issue has popped up on this forum numerous times. Check your battery and all electrical connections for loose wires and/or corrosion. If you search this forum you should get an idea of what your looking for.

    Search false codes
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      Murray is correct. Multiple false codes are almost always due to poor voltage supply to the ecu. Pay attention to the battery connections and the white wire connection.

      Occasionally the issue can be due to a faulty engine interface cable. But more often than not, its voltage issues. Corrosion in a wire, bad connection, battery not charged/failing etc.