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DF140A bogs down

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  • DF140A bogs down

    I have a DF140A from 2015 that is acting very strange when not used for a while.
    If I use the boat frequently, there is almost no problem at all. But if Ieave it for at least one week it is not reving up like it should and it bogs down at 4000 rpm. Sometimes it suddenly speed up to 6000 rpm for seconds and then bogs down again and runs very roughly, like it is running on 2 cylinders only. If I am patient and let the engine struggle for a while and get it warm, then it can run normally again until next time I leave it for a week. But if I use it for the next day there is no problem most of the times. The engine has less than 100 hours on it, and it has been acting like this for a few years. But lately it got worse...

    Do you have any ideas? I changed the primer bulb, but it made no sense. There is also no fault codes in the computer.

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    Have someone pump the primer bulb while it's bogging,
    First thought is fuel delivery (air, fuel pumps, VST, etc) or bad gas
    Change the plugs if you havent changed them in a while, cheap and easy to do