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Temporary Loss of Power

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  • Temporary Loss of Power

    2019 DF140 on a 23SF Worldcat.
    Starboard motor no issues.
    Port Motor excessive smoke and spitting oil on startup after sitting a couple of days.
    But thats not my biggest issue.
    85 Hours on them.
    The boat sat for almost 1 year without use.
    Changed fuel filters and added fresh fuel.
    WOT I get roughly 6200 RPM out of both.
    But above 4000 RPM I am getting a temporary loss of power.
    400+ RPM for a couple of seconds.
    I disconnected the internal tank and the house filter and connected a 3 gallon portable tank with an inline filter.
    It still happens. The other thing I pump the primer bulb and the filter partially fills then when I run the boat the filter is virtually empty.
    I isolated that is not on my fuel side.
    I cant get a strait answer from the dealer.
    The engine is throwing no codes. I ran the diagnostics on the multi function gauge and got the 3 scans.
    First I sent them to Suzuki and they sent me back an email ans said contact the dealer.
    Dealer said the would not look at the diagnostics because the engine threw no codes.
    I'm stuck!
    What the hell could it be?

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    fuel pump?
    Compression check on each cylinder?


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      your comment about the filter partially fills and then empties is an indication of a air leak
      fuel bulbs connections can go bad - check all connections