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  • shutting off

    2005 Suzuki DF 225 TXK5. 600 hrs. On a 22' 2005 Fish Master Travis Edition CC.

    This engine usually starts right up and runs great. Then once in a while it just feels like you dropped the anchor and it starts sputtering and shaking until it shuts off. Then it will try to run but keeps stalling and shaking. Eventually it will start back up and run perfect. Then it will repeat this issue but doesn't throw a code. Last time out we were fishing a bridge got there fine. Fished and when we went to leave it started perfect we went about 5 ft. and it shut off sputtering and shaking then started and ran perfect the rest of the trip. Then when we got back to the Lake house launched it and it ran great. Last week I wanted to put a new transducer on it so I started it took off to the launch and it did it again. Finally got it started and out of the water. Of course this has never happened when they were testing it at any shop.

    So I have had three Suzuki shops check to fix this problem over three years. The first time in it had a sensor code. Between them they have replaced basically all sensors, all filters, both fuel pumps, replaced fuel lines, check valves, ICU, multiple tune-ups etc. It has been hooked to a computer 4 times. The only thing that ever popped up after the initial sensor code was over rev which they determined it was a faulty code and replaced the tachometer because the light was stuck on. Basically the shops after the first one said there is absolutely nothing wrong and the motor runs great. Which is true until it doesn't.

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    How old is the start battery?


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      fuel delivery problem??
      this some what sounds like a fuel tank venting problem.
      what is the fuel bulb doing when this occurs ?
      could be a few things fuel tank vent plugged up - sometime spiders like to make nests.
      if your fuel tank has an anti siphon valve, those can hang up creating a vacuum.


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        I had something very similar on a DF140, took the anti-siphon valve off the tank fitting and threw it in the trash,
        replaced it with a regular brass barbed fitting and it never did it again. (I think I got the idea from one of Moonlighter's posts).
        A cheap thing to try and took all of 30 minutes from start to finish


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          So many problems like this turn out to be caused by voltage issues. We all know the sensitivity of these engines to poor voltage to the ecu.

          Deano seems to have replaced just about every fuel related component in the system. But no mention of anything to the electicals…

          May be time to get out the multimeter and test the main battery cables resistance, get the start battery load tested, clean and tighten connections, and give the old white wire connections and test the wire itself for resistance.

          Also be worth inspecting the harness from engine to console. A number of Y joins and connecting plugs etc that would be worth a inspection/clean.


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            So I have a brand new fully charged 110 amp hour batteries. This is the second set since Nov 21 because I was told even though they were showing good they may have a problem. And I am sick of breaking down constantly. I took out the check valve years ago. I just replaced all fuel lines including pick up. Blew out the fuel vent. Put new plugs in today. Started right up ran about 45 seconds shakes looses ram and dies. I ran new wire from engine to starter battery. Also this boat has never had a primer bulb on it.


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              Also I run it on it's own battery.


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                What is the white wire test?