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2018 DF 250 losing power and going to limp mode after plowing through big wake

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  • 2018 DF 250 losing power and going to limp mode after plowing through big wake

    2018 DF 250 (200 hours) runs great but after going through big wake motor loses most but not all power. Goes to limp mode. Turn motor off. Wait a minute. Motors cranks right up and runs perfectly.

    All below very recent:
    New AGM batteries
    New fuel bulb
    new spark plugs
    Replaced fuel tank syphon valve to brass one (Had blocked syphon valve)
    Oil change C10 re-set was not done after oil change. Went through alarms going off. Took to shop they followed alarms. Took off cam rotation sensors. They had small amounts of metal fillings on them. Put back in water. Alarms again. Re-set oil change on C10. Motor worked properly immediately. Did go through some alarms popping up on C10 but cycled through without motor interuptions

    Yesterday, motor cranked and ran perfectly. Hit a big wake, lost power but not all (limp mode). Turned motor off. Wait a minute. Motors cranks right up and runs perfectly.

    Looking at all electrical connections I can see. battery terminal nuts are tight tight. Main power line at motor looks great. Going through all fuses

    Feel like there is a short or loose connection somewhere. Electrical not my strongest skill. Any one have a suggestion? Thank you!

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    This just in. Went to make sure battery cable terminals were shiny and tight. Discovered that one of the terminal posts (neg) was turning as I tried to loosen nut off. Maybe that caused temporary loss of ground. Any comments are welcome. Battery was replaced by Batteries Plus Bulbs. AGM w 100 amp.


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      It sounds like to me you have an A series engine with electronic throttle control and when you hit a wall of water, instead of the throttle opening more to counter act the rpm drop the engine rpm falls off and the computer goes into limp mode.

      If it goes into limp mode it would have logged information into the computer. If your engine has a throttle cable, disregard what I have posted.


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        A bad ground is certainly a potential cause of the loss of power after hitting a wake as you described. It may also have contributed to the codes and engine running issues.

        Now that this issue is fixed, test the boat again and see if the problem is gone.


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          I agree, he took it to a dealer you think that there would have been some sought of information on the voltage being erratic, they took the oil control solenoids for the variable valve timing which didn’t make sense to me.

          You would think if it lost power from the cable he would have seen gauges and lights flicker.


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            Thanks to you all. Throttle is cable. I'm a little new with the C10, will look at alarm history. Dealer I went to was one I trust but not a Suzuki dealer. The last incident had brief display of alarms and limp mode. Turned off. Waited 2 minutes. Started right up and all well.

            Taking to the Suzuki dealer a week from now where the boat was purchased just to be on safe side. But, will be running this weekend with a new battery. Cross your fingers! Im hearing that newer 4 strokes are very voltage sensitive; Suzuki maybe more than most. Will report back in 2 weeks or less if problems this weekend!