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Help with Df6a Suzuki Please

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  • Help with Df6a Suzuki Please

    Hi i got a Suzuki df6a 2nd hand and when running i see some bubbles in the area indicated in the picture it normal? Also the screw seems to be loose and get out easily...IMG_20230313_135837.jpg

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    First off, it doesn't help to post multiple posts for the same motor/problem. It also helps to know what year the motor is.

    The little cover plate is a clutch adjustment cover plate. The bubbles are not important. The screw coming loose is important. You don't need to buy a new cover plate if it falls off. You could try cleaning the mating surfaces of the cover plate/ housing/ screw & threads to get rid of water and oils, then put a small bead of silicone where it goes together and screw, put it back together then let the silicone cure before using.

    If the threads are damaged, and the screw won't tighten, you may need to seek advice about that problem.

    Good luck, post back on the same thread if still having problems.


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      Sorry about the multiple posts

      Thank you very much for your reply much appreciated will try to put some silicone and keep you updated

      Outboard year 2017


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        May i ask you if i will make it with silicone and put the screw in its position and there is no more bubbles is it ok? Or its supposed to be bubbles ? This is the only thing making me confused thank you for your patience ☺️ and your help


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          If you remove plate and screw to clean surfaces for silicone then reinstall, letting it cure well, then probably won't see bubbles, but bubbles aren't important, they will escape elsewhere. The housings are made to let water in and drain out. Don't worry about the bubbles. Just fix the plate and screw so they don't fall off.

          Good luck.


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            Thanks a lot for your help god bless you