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1998 9.9 Water leaking midway up shaft

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  • 1998 9.9 Water leaking midway up shaft

    Noticed my kicker starting to leak water out the front of the mid section of the shaft between lower unit and upper unit where it pivots gettting worse. It seems its not getting all the water to the block now. At idle the water is barely dripping out pee hole and when I rev the engine it squirts a little and the water is hot to the touch. It used to be a steady stream all the time, so I know something is up. No clue what component internally would cause this though? the impeller is obviously moving water, but there must be another seal there somewhere? Any help appreciated!

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    Links to images of the issue:


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      Hey I'm having a similar issue. Started to happen last season I want to have a better look inside but not sure where to start. Could it be the thermostat not working properly causing the issue?. Can the covers be taken off to have a look?


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        When was the last time your water pump was changed? Suzuki recommends every 200 hours or yearly.


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          Unionjack start your own thread. Sounds like you both have similar issues but to prevent confusion...

          Just noticed I replied to a 2018 thread, see how easy I’m confused.
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            I was looking for a similar situation. I just wanted to reach out to original post as it should have been fixed.? The water pump is working And when you say replace the pump you mean the impeller?


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              I mean the impeller, the housing, o ring and base plate. Suzuki sells a kit that has it all. If your looking for assistance more information is needed. Year, model, hours, what maintenance has been done and your symptoms.


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                Likewise, it is important to know all the info on the motor, as 4 strokes have a "removable" water pressure bypass valve, and also the t'stat, that often needs cleaning. Whereas on 2 strokes flushing with vinegar or salt-away is the best method for cleaning the bypass valve.

                Good luck, post back on what you find out.