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  • Dual batteries

    I have a 2015 115 atlSS Do you GURUs think a dual battery setup would be OK.? I just got a Garmin Livescope and it takes a bit more juice. They would be wired in paralell

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    If it was me I’d try it without 2 batteries and pay close attention to your voltage. I see lots of people with fish finder, stereo on and seem to have no issues. I guess it would depend upon where you fish, I fish in small inland freshwater lakes where if I ran my battery dead I won’t be drifting out in the Atlantic Ocean. Just a thought.


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      there are a fair number of variables that you need to calculate into your question
      how you fish and where, what other electronics are running at the same time.
      I have a Lowrance HDS-9, a VHS radio , sometimes a CB, sometimes a TR-1, all working i
      Do you have room to place Two batteries side to side?

      The second battery is a safety thing for me. I don't worry much fishing in the river or lakes but taking myself 50 miles offshore Is a totally different

      the electronics normally are not a heavy draw on betteries. If you are worried about getting stranded -while parked in the driveway leave the Garmin turned on . See how many days it will run. there has been a time or two I have left my radios on and found them working days later


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        My chartplotter (Garmin) has a configurable low battery alarm. If you set that high enough you would get a warning that you're battery is starting to drain before it becomes a critical issue
        Dave Bradford


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          The other option of course is to take one of portable battery jump start packs with you. So if you do run the start battery down too much, you can jump start it and get home safely.

          Safety demands that fishing offshore you always have backup, so we always run twin batteries inmour offshore boats, with one dedicated to starting and the other dedicated to all other (house) duties. Wired so they cant drain each other, but with a switch arrangement that allows them to be paralleled in an emergency.

          Youve got two options with your Suzuki re charging twin batteries installed that way

          1. use the Suzuki dual charging circuit/adapter, which can be purchased from your dealer, or
          2. use a dual battery VSR setup. several kits available from different manufacturers such as Yandina and BEP.


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            Wont the charging system charge both batteries.? I think i might try a bigger start battery. I have a 24 series now maybe go to 27 or 29. also the depth finders have volts on them. When it gets around 11 i could start the motor to charge. Thanks. but will the charging system charge both if need be.?


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              The charging system will of course charge 2 or more batteries - but how effectively will depend on things such as how long the engine is run and at what revs, the load from electrical equipment, and the state of charge of the batteries at the start of the day. Many variables.

              Bigger screens on MFD’s and MFD’s running more and more advanced technologies such as live scanning etc will greatly increase power consumption, placing more demands on boats electrical systems (wiring as well as batteries).


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                I do have a onboard charger to charge all batteries when I get in. I can monitor voltage via Garmin , when it gets low i can start motor for a quick charge. But usually dont fish more than 6 hrs tops mostly 4-5.


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                  I have 2 G-24 start batteries in parallel & 2 G-31 house batts in parallel wired to a Perko 1-2-all-Off switch. DF-175 charges them all just fine(s/w in all position) I also have an on board 30a (15a each bank) auto. charger for at home or in the slip My run time is at least an hour each trip.