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Charging the Battery While It's Still in the Boat

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  • Charging the Battery While It's Still in the Boat

    I continually read where one is not supposed to charge the boat battery while it is still in the boat. I obviously know to disconnect all of the cables/wires to the battery when charging it, but what's wrong with moving the battery to the middle of the carpeted flat floor of the boat, laying a plastic drop cloth under it, and attaching the battery charger cables to it right there? Thanks for any insights.

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    I have an onboard charger on my boat that charges and maintains the batteries (AGM). Nothing gets disconnected, nor are the batteries ever moved from their mounted position under the center console.. Charger is connected to the batteries all the time and plugged in all the time while the boat sits on its trailer.

    If your batteries are regular flooded cells, they should be in an area where there's adequate ventilation while charging. But I see no need to disconnect the cables. If you're able to open the battery compartment, then keeping it open during charging should be adequate.
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      Just make sure the charger you hook up is off before you connect to the battery in the boat (as in no sparks) once hooked up plug in & charge away & un plug the charger before you remove the charger leads. (no sparky)


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        If the boat is moored in the water and the extension cord is hanging in the water then perhaps not. The only time I pull my battery out of the boat is for winter storage.