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DF2.5 Not enough water from the pilot hole

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  • DF2.5 Not enough water from the pilot hole

    After about 3 - 4 minutes in Neutral, water significantly decreases (almost stops) from coming out of the pilot hole. Same occurs in forward. Additionally, I noticed water also comes out of the small exhaust holes within the first several minutes after turning the engine on. I have only used this engine once, I was going to take it fishing for the second time but I noticed this water issue and preferred not to risk overheating the engine.
    This engine is new, I'm still in the break-in process. At all times this engine is on, the lower unit has been completely under water (water level above the cavitation plate). I flushed the water after the first use. What could be causing this?
    Thank you,
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    Did you do the conversion?


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      Not yet. I haven't received the parts. I barely ordered them last Friday.


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        I’d be talking to your dealer. one would expect it to run flawlessly.