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Suzuki DT 40, tiller, no start, confused

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    Update-- Last night I was testing the ignition sensor and I decided to move it closer to the flywheel. Then I was checking the low oil sensor, and it works. However, the float doesn't seem to float. I flipped it upside down and I got spark!! So for now I just zip tied it in place, and I will just check the oil at each fuel refill. Let me know if this makes sense, I'm not quite sure how an oil float works, I assume same as fuel float, not sure how it would go bad, looks fine. Next I plan to remove the carb and clean it out, replace the impeller, and try and fire it up.


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      Yes "Low Oil Warning" will put the motor into "Limp Mode" "No Oil Warning" would cause a No Start situation.

      You asked if that was an 86-88, Yes, 89 or 90 is when the DT's went Charcoal Color.

      My DT 20, was 100/1 premix, my 91 DT25 had Oil Level Warning, Water Temp Warning, and Water Flow Warning.

      I would just fix your Oil Float, see if the resistance changes with it's travel.


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        Get float working first, oil float is important. Check wires and resistance.
        If motor is running poorly after fixing float, explain what it is doing before going through other things.

        Good luck, post back on what you find out.


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          I haven't tried to start it yet. I've got the lower unit out to replace the impeller. Then I was going to keep disassembling to reach the broken steering bracket. I'll try and keep you posted daily, apparently I have lots of time now...

          Thanks much guys, Lee


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            Status Update- I took the motor out to reach the steering bracket, and found the bracket intact, but all the bolts were loose including the 2 big collar bolts. I had to drill out and re-tap one of the bracket bolts to a larger size. Yesterday I took the carb apart and checked the needle and seat. I've never seen a needle like that with a pin in it. How does that work? It doesn't attach to the float at all? It should be ready for testing later today...
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              The little spring loaded plunger is "KIND OF" like a shock absorber, absorbs a little bouncing so float isn't adding extra fuel to the bowl with every little wiggle. same reason its not hung on there with a wire clip.
              Or some engineer forgot. Brass don't look nearly as green as most that age. Good luck on the project!!