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no spark on 98 DT150G

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  • no spark on 98 DT150G

    New to the forum, but looks like there is a lot of good advice on here.

    I have recently rebuilt my DT150G efi 1998 model because a piston ring broke last summer and caused the #5 piston to be trashed. The motor was running at that point but had trouble at idle speeds after it warmed up, kept wanting to die, but ran great at 1500 rpm and up. Never had any trouble with it starting.

    I have the service manual for this motor and believe it is a 98 "W" model according to the manual. I reinstalled the powerhead a couple of weeks ago and it cranks well but has no spark. I have been through all of the testing procedures in the manual and everything tests with in spec except for the CKP sensor and the Gear Counter sensor. The CKP test fine with resistance measurements but only has about 1 volt when cranking, book says it should be at 1.5 volts or higher. Measurement from the CKP to the flywheel is .758 mm, book says it should be .75mm. The Gear counter also tests fine with ohms but has 3 volts cranking, is supposed to have 4.0 volts or greater, the gap on the gear counter is .654 mm. Would either of these sensors cause the motor not to fire?

    I have ordered new ones but they are not here yet.

    I have been through all of the wires and grounds a couple of times and can't find anything hooked up incorrectly. Any direction or advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Find the wires coming from the stator assy for the condenser charge coils, the is a low and high condenser charging coil, the low coil has to have a good ohm reading, by the manual for low rpm running and starting.

    Post back on what you find out.


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      The lowspeed condenser coil measures 405 ohm and has a voltage output of 150 v green to ground and 160 v Rb to ground. The high speed coil has 14.1 ohm with w/r 25 v to ground and w/b to ground 23 volts
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        The only part that has resistance measured out of spec is what the wiring diagram calls pcs rectifier, has ohm reading of 17.1 on each location that shows there should be a reading spec range is 8-13