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DT225 possible fuel problem

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  • DT225 possible fuel problem

    Ok I have a 2001 DT225 and I've fished and ran it a number of times no issues until my lower unit went out. Got it repaired (3 months it took to get parts) now the first time I ran it I had idle and that's it. Put in gear and I can go but no throttle response. Found I had water, fully cleaned tank and changed to a Racor fuel/water separator filter. Ran it again and got up on plane, had to come down for another boat, tried to get back up and nothing same issue. Any ideas?

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    May still have some water in vst going to injectors, bleed fuel through rail until good fuel comes through, and clean/change high pressure filter. If that doesn't clear it up, you may have to clean injectors?

    Good luck. Post back when able on how it is going.


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      High pressure Filter? Which filter are you talking about? I have an inline filter before the VST is that the one? Thank you very much for the response.


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        There are 2 filters the clear bowl with a screen is the low pressure filter...the black beercan is the high pressure filter...use this link to test your pressure at the rail...what makes you sure its a fuel issue....


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          In a 6 gallon aux tank with new fuel thru the motor...add an ounce or two of an additive called e-zorb made by mdr its magical stuff...see if that doesn't clear out your stuff


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            I appreciate all the help from you guys, I work for a boat shop except we do NOT do Suzuki's and this is my first along with it being a 2-stroke. It's just weird that I fished it 7-10 miles offshore and had no issues and now after sitting I have problems. The VST is what I'm going after this weekend because I know the fuel lines are good (less than 6 months old) as well as I have an inline clear filter on the motor itself so I'm thinking the VST is going to be the issue but I was also seeing a lot about the pumps on the side of the valve covers they look like discs are those common to be bad, easy to open and check? Just trying to get a few options before I dig in is all. Again I appreciate all the help and I'll post what I find for sure


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              A 2001 motor is old enough for those clear discs (check-valves in the pump) to go bad, and they may be fragmenting? If they are breaking apart, many times pieces lodge on the backside of the float needle valve seat (most individuals do not remove the seat)?

              But you have mentioned water in fuel, and if you haven't cleaned that all the way through the fuel rail it is probably still in there. Did you add any fuel additive to new fuel? It is always good practice, especially if you are not getting fuel from same trusted station you've always used. Can use a portable tank with a little extra fuel additive for these steps.

              Have you a hose, or drain screw at bottom of VST (open it up and pump fuel bulb until you have clean, clear fuel through. Close the VST back up.

              Remove the return hose from fuel rail to vst, put into a clean, clear container/jar, then turn the key on for a few seconds (can do this a couple times if dirty fuel comes out). If you have cleaned/replaced your filters, then you're down to the injectors, and fuel pump.

              If you used a portable tank can fire up on muffs to see if it runs any better, then put in water to see if cleaned out.

              Post back, when able to let us know how it's going. Good luck.


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                Ok drained my VST and had no water, primed the ball and drained againx3 to find fuel with a little oil. another thing is my primer ball has never gotten rock hard and still didn't. Took my anti-siphon valve off to find a lot of I don't know what to call it but it would let air thru very minimally then sometimes no air. Drilled out the valve, primed and got a rock hard primer ball. Dicnnected VST and continued to find perfectly good fuel. But now the first time since I've owned the boat I have a full fuel filter on the motor, hard ball and she fired right up. Have not been able to water test yet due to the launch being completely full but have a noticeably different sound. (In a good way) Motor sounds back to normal and ball stays hard. Will repost after water test.

                Got a spot at the launch last night and she sounded GREAT!!! Pushed right up on the trailer with awesome power!! Let her warm up and she did the same no warnings no sputtering nothing.. Once I get it out fishing well see how it works out!
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                  What fixed the issue??
                  Thanks Jet


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                    If you tap vinny21b it will take you to his profile. He was last seen in 2117.


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                      Thanks Murray, ill try that.


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                        Fuel injector cleaning and spark plug replacements cured my engine. Running like a champ now.