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"White Wire" Power failure

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    Originally posted by Doc Z.... View Post
    Anyone know the part number for this white wire to order one ??
    I dont think anyone has ever bothered to try to find the original part when replacing it.

    Just use a similar gauge marine wire.


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      Never mind....found it.


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        I have a 2020 DF350. A few days ago I though I was having a water pump issue but nothing made since. I posted about the water issue earlier this week. While I was flushing the motor in a tank, the motor will shut off after 5 minutes or so then fire back up on its own, without me touching the engine control panel assembly start/stop button. I was convinced, the motor was smarter than me and shutting itself off due to a temperature issue, even though it never showed above 150 degrees. Yesterday, I put it in the water and it did not want to start at all. Changed batteries
        (both batteries show 12.9 and 12.8 respectively at rest and 13.7 to 14.1 while underway) at the perko switch and the engine finally started. I hear the fuel pump prime and all my electronics are working, just don't have any fire from the start/stop button. I will investigate this WW issue this evening and I appreciate all of this information. Ironically enough, my previous boat with the DF 200 never had a single issue. That engine control panel assembly start/stop button is $360 and I don't want to be throwing money at parts if it is bad. Also, the trim switch on the throttle will not work without the key in the on position.
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