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"White Wire" Power failure

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    I just had the white wire failure and want to share my symptoms and the "fix".

    This is a 2006 DF 225 with about 1700 hours on it. It is my vacation boat in Baja which is trailer stored.

    In restrospect, my throttle trim switch would sometimes be intermittent when trimming out but always work trimming in ( assumed it was the switch contact failing). When trimming, the volt meter would jump. More than it should.

    I arrived a few days ago and was prepping my boat for launch. I switched on a battery but could not lower the engine with throttle trim but could with the engine switch. Turning the ignition key to run and gauges remained dead. I'm not sure of the order I did things but I checked fuses under the cowl, switched batteries to all, and looked for loose wires inside my console. Eventually, the ignition switch worked. Probably low voltage batteries that simply need a good run. Volts read about 10.

    The engine started right up. Took the boat for a quick spin. Voltmeter still reading 10! I have an hour meter installed. With each tick, it would cause a jump in the other gauges. Not good, back to the dock! Both batteries are 5 years old. Doubtful that both go bad at same time. I buy 2 new batteries and install them but my results remain the same!

    Without a multi-meter, I can't diagnose things. I do know that all my pumps and high draw circuits work fine. Bad VM?. Low voltage at my ignition switch? Bad charging circuit? With the day getting late and being drenched in sweat, I decide to move th boat from the launch dock to my assigned slip. I'll continue with trouble shooting in the morning.

    As I motor along, I hit the trim switch a few times. The VM is showing larger spikes with it reaching 12+ then settles back at 10. Suddenly as I'm doing this trimming, the engine cuts off completely. Dead in the water. No life in the ignition switch. Dead and deader!

    I continue the next morning. Through all of this there are no blown fuses, evidence of corrosion or loose connections. I clean all wire ends; engine grounds, starter posts, battery, perko switch, ignition.

    Finally call in my mechanic with the knowledge and the tools. Yes. Low or no voltage at the white wire at the switch. He diagnoses a break in the white wire in the main harness. His fix is to pull power off the positive buss at the console and attach it to the same ignition stud that has the white wire connected. Problems solved. Good VM readings. Good system charging. Even the throttle trim switch works as it should!

    He suggests installing a new harness. Time and expense. I am inclined to redo his fix with a properly colored and fused jumper.


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      Good morning, I am writing from Spain, I apologize for my bad translation. Well my name is alexander, and I own a suzuki df150, with 700 hours approx, with a cabin boat. from about a year, the engine dies for no reason, I've been reading to you and had the same problem in a suzuki df175, I've already changed the main relay, the key closer, I checked the white cable and I do not know what else can be. Yesterday I did it and can not start it until after about 15 min, I pass on the high seas, at the end I moved several wires from the fuse box and started, then I already sailed about 2 hours more and without problem, it usually happens every 2 or 3 departures, but yesterday was the worst, and I do not know what else to look at. Can it be the dielectric capacitor that is inside the fuse box and feeds the main relay? 10000 thanks in advance and sorry for disturbing you. Greetings from the Canary Islands ... Alexander


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        I've also noticed that when the engine dies, the other clocks, and their lights are still on, and the only thing that crosses my mind is that it could be some bad connection, or some earth connection, that the heat of the engine loses continuity, and stop the current ... also the previous owner had the habit of bathing the engine and connections the wd40 ...


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          please start a new thread as opposed to posting notes to this Sticky