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Df30atlw2 engine interface cable where do I plug in the ends

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  • Df30atlw2 engine interface cable where do I plug in the ends

    Okay so I’m trying to hook up the c10 gauge to my brand new df30atlw2 there are 2 connectors on the interface cable one male 4 prong and one female 2 prong and I assume both plug into the outboard. I have already setup the nmea network and I have power to the c10 gauge.

    I plugged the male 4 prong into the female 4 prong from the outboard that went to the 3 lights on the back of the outboard, but that didn’t work. I can’t find anywhere to plug in the female 2 prong in the outboard. Can anyone help me. In the picture the two connectors in my hand are the ones from the engine interface cable. Please help, thank you!
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    Find the SDS plug on the outboard - Its the one that is used by the tech to connect the laptop to test the engine using the diagnostic program. It is usually held in a small rubber holder near the ecu. You will most likely find that it is a small 4 pin plug of the wrong s e x to plug directly into the interface cable, and you will then need to get the SDS adapter cable

    You should get trim data without needing to connect the 2 pin plug, but if you dont, the plug will already be connected to the harness so you have to find it, unplug from the harness and connect it to the interface cable. If you can find the trim sender unit you should be able to trace the wires and find the connection involved.


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      Thank you for the quick response! I was going insane trying to figure this out. I saw the male 4pin in the rubber boot, but had no idea I would need another cable. Excited to get this wrapped up


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        Okay I ordered the part, but when I talked to the guys at browns point they told me that I would need part 36660-89L02 and the cable that you had suggested would not work because it’s rated for the df40 and up. Is this correct or do you think the part you suggested will work?


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          Havent seen that part before but yes, it appears to be correct.. go with Brownspoint advice.