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Covert DT150 to Tiller from Remote

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  • Covert DT150 to Tiller from Remote

    Hi All,

    I feel like I already know the answer (in short, NO) but thought I would ask here. I am looking at a boat that has a 1997 DT150 V6 remote steer on it. It is a Jet application and would really be much better served with a Tiller drive rather than the remote. Is it possilble to convert this motor to tiller? From what I can find it looks like these larger DT's were only ever offered in a Remote platform. My guess is this is the reason they chose to go with remote at the time of the install, because Tiller was not an option they had at their disposal with the equipment they had...

    Thanks in adavance for any help.

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    No surprise to lack of answering your post. You're asking for such a specialized application. I could just see any regular boater using a tiller on such a large motor. I wonder if you have the 20" shift?
    Good luck on you answer.


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      Yes, briscoe is right, it is too large a motor for tiller operation. As far as I know, there is no "tiller conversion pkg" for your motor.

      Good luck.


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          You guys would be 150% wrong on the motor being too large for tiller application. Here in the Pacific Northwest we run TONS of open platform jet boats on our rivers and most of them are tiller operated up to 300hp.


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            Yeah, I have seen that and I do understand. What I was meaning to say, for the boats most bay and lake fisherman use, it's something with hydraulic steering. We've all watched those Coonasses catch gators and Alaskans using them in rivers.
            I also asked if you use a 20" shaft (spell check showed shift in last post oops)
            I would be surprised if it would be profitable for Suzuki to make a conversion kit. I could see them making a limited production run. I would be interested in how it works out for you. Good luck brother. I didn't mean to be offensive, I simply have never seen one.
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