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Trim Sensor Fault Code 2015 DF115A

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  • Trim Sensor Fault Code 2015 DF115A

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 2015 DF115A on a pontoon boat I bought a couple of months ago. I'm getting a 3-7 Trim Sensor fault code when I switch the ignition key on. The engine will trim up and down, but when I trim it completely down it stops working until I lift up the cam on the sensor. Once it trims up about ten degrees it works fine up or down until I trim it all the way down again. Is the cam on the sensor supposed to always touch the lower stationary cam? Mine only touches when the engine is in the lower position. Also, I was tinkering with it this weekend and had the sensor bracket bolt loosened a little and it worked fine a few times, but when I tightened the bolt back down, it started doing the same old thing. Any input is greatly appreciated! Mechanics in my area have about a six week waiting list.

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    They were/are famous for water intrusion into the sensor. Tilt is the long ram, trim is the two little rams. Once past the reach of the trim rams its in tilt mode so no sensor, there is a tilt limit adjustment on the tilt tube (plastic clamp with a arm sticking out) that can give you headaches as well. (as in not trim up)


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      Good info tsturm. I guess that would be why it's called a trim sensor. I ordered a new sensor. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the reply!